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Think of all the repetitive writing you do...

Your company's name and address, paperwork routing, shipping messages, special notations, bank information, etc. Then think of all the time you'll save with cost effective self-inking and pre-inked stamps! Just press your spring-loaded desk-top assistant into action. It does the job in an instant! Unlike the old-fashioned rubber stamp and pad, you won't get messy hands or blotchy impressions.

Consider just some of the advantages of self-inking stamps:

    No separate stamp pad needed
    Fast, clean, easy to use and re-ink
    Thousands of high quality impressions without re-inking
    Full size visible label with your message
    Designed for professional quality marketing
    Great for office,
factory, home, school, clubs and more!

BCT Greater Los Angeles also offers Self-inking Dater & Number Stamp Die Plate Daters:
      Thousands of impressions without re-inking

    Easily re-inkable to original impression quality

    Ergonomically designed for ease of use

    Perfect for business or personal use

    Additional colors can be special ordered

    Light weight, heavy duty frame construction

    Long term durability

    Precision components

    Excellent choice for high volume stamping needs